Sarah Lawrence College International Programs

Sarah Lawrence College offers six outstanding international experiences in our Study Abroad Programs. Sarah Lawrence students are joined by students from other selective colleges for a stimulating academic year abroad. One of the hallmarks of a Sarah Lawrence education is the emphasis on small discussion seminars and individual conferences. This is the key distinction that sets our programs inItaly (one in Florence and one in Catania), Paris, and Oxford apart from others. For the serious actor, ourLondon Theatre Program provides rigorous conservatory training with theatre professionals through the British American Drama Academy.

Sarah Lawrence College in Florence, Italy

To study on the Sarah Lawrence program in Florence is to inhabit history, to step into a living text; it is to directly encounter some of the world's greatest art and gain the critical tools to confront it fully. It is to take in a city of subtle moods from literary, historical and archaeological vantage points; to create one's own art and music in studios under the guidance of practicing artists and musicians. In short, it is to take an academic journey of extraordinary breadth and depth.

As a student on the Sarah Lawrence program, you'll have extensive opportunities to delve into the culture of Italy, to pursue your academic interests through the highly refined lens that is Florence. In this seat of humanism and individual accomplishment, you'll receive personal attention from Italian faculty in humanities seminars and in studio courses in the visual arts and music. Living in an Italian home, you will gain a command of the Italian language. And as your learning expands, you'll gain an inner knowledge and an intellectual confidence that will take you well beyond the city's gates.

From Etruscan village to small Roman outpost, from the Middle Ages of Dante to the Renaissance of Brunelleschi, Giotto, Botticelli and Michelangelo, the changes of history have created many Florences. Florence has been and continues to be the home of artists, writers and philosophers who cast a new light on Western culture. Between the pages of books, beneath layers of plaster and paint, and within the many strata of the city's narrow streets, students on the Sarah Lawrence program challenge and sharpen their intellectual skills as they encounter the complexities of Florence past and present.

Begun in 1986, Sarah Lawrence's Florence program hosts no more than 35 students. The program motivates students to extend themselves, placing participants in the midst of Italians at work and play not in isolation with other English speaking students. It offers one of the most genuine, intimate experiences of living and learning abroad through cultural immersion.

You become part of an Italian family, spending your days like a native of the city, studying just as Italian students do, traversing the city's streets in both sun and rain, embracing with all of your senses the unforgettable ambience. As you make friendships with fellow students and professors in the center's courtyard and beyond, you also form a lifelong relationship with the culture itself, one that will enrich you both academically and personally.

You're more than a student of Italian; your day is that of an Italian student. Arriving at the palazzo, you spend the morning with your professors, becoming more fluent in Italian with each class session. In the afternoon you attend your studio course. private voice lessons, perhaps, or portrait photography and then review your progress in a history tutorial with a professor at the University of Florence. Or you take a tour of the Uffizi, then return to your studio art class captivated by the works of Botticelli, not with the desire to imitate the classical repose of his figures, but with a newly charged urge to create. At every turn, what you see in the city influences your course work and what you learn in class deepens your experience.

Your home stay family might be a traditional family unit, a couple in their 50s with grown children, a single mother and her college age daughter, or a young couple who enjoy hosting students, but they'll always be Italian and they will be there to welcome you home for dinner. During the meal, you'll eat, drink and converse, expanding on another day of learning. And after dinner, during a break from your studies, you may find yourself joining the family to watch the nightly news or perhaps a soccer game on TV exploring yet another opportunity to develop your "insider's" knowledge of the language and culture.

Sarah Lawrence College in Catania, Italy

Sarah Lawrence College offers a Spring semester in Catania, Sicily. During your semester as a student in Catania, the most important city in eastern Sicily, you will live and study with Italians, learning about Italy from inside the culture.

At theUniversity of Catania, located in a magnificent Benedectine monastery of the XVII century, you will take humanities courses that emphasize and challenge your knowledge of Italian language and culture. With the Mediterranean before you, you will feel the Greek and Roman centuries beneath your feet, and you will encounter the city's baroque architecture, and wander among its splendid palazzi. With Mt. Etna in the background, you will experience the feeling of living between the highest active volcano in Europe and one of the most suggestive coasts in Italy.

The first two weeks in Catania provide an introduction and orientation to life in this Sicilian city. Each day, students receive intensive language instruction: through reading and writing in Italian, they sharpen their understanding and abilities in preparation for course work at the University, all of which is conducted in Italian. Students explore the city's historical background with tutors, graduate students and professors from the University of Catania. Through excursions that include visits to museums, churches and other ancient sites, students receive a firsthand introduction to Catania's history and culture.

During this period, the many excursions help students get their bearings so that they can easily navigate around the city by foot or by bus. Trips to local markets familiarize students with shopping customs, visits to libraries acquaint them with collections and policies, and outings to movies and theatres expose them to entertainment options around Catania.

Students on the program also visit Siracusa, one of the most important ancient Greek colonies, with its well preserved theatre, built in the 5th century B.C., and its extensive archaeological museum. A day trip to Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, provides a close-up perspective on a geological presence of immense importance to the history of Catania and the entire region.

Students on the program live with Italian families, learning as much from the experience as they do from their course work. Given that Catania is not a typical tourist destination, the people of the city embrace visiting students with a sincere interest.

Over the course of the semester, students also make four weekend trips around Sicily to experience the many landscapes of the island and the various architectural styles of its cities. A trip to Palermo and its surroundings bring them to the city most exposed to Arab influences; another to Agrigento showcases the Valley of the Temples; yet another, to Trapani and Erice, on the western coast, brings them to medieval villages and at finally a trip to Ragusa, Modica and Scicli provides a taste of these wonderful baroque cities of the south.

London Theatre Program

Sponsored by Sarah Lawrence College and the British American Drama Academy (BADA), the London Theatre Program offers undergraduates from Sarah Lawrence as well as other schools an opportunity to work and study with leading actors and directors from the world of British theatre. Through a combination of classes, tutorials, master classes and performances, students take part in the great theatrical tradition of Britain.

Designed for dedicated students who wish to study acting in London, the program offers enrollment in either the Fall or Spring, for single semester study. Those wishing to pursue their training more intensely are strongly encouraged to begin their training in the Fall and continue with theAdvanced London Theatre Program in the Spring semester.

Both programs offer acting classes with leading artists from the British stage. These are complemented by individual tutorials where students will work one-on-one with their teachers. A faculty selected from Britain's foremost drama schools teaches technical classes in Voice, Movement and Stage-Fighting. In addition, master classes and workshops feature more of Britain's fine actors and directors.

This intense conservatory training is accompanied by classes in theatre history and theatre criticism, tickets to some of the best productions the season has to offer and the experience of performing in a professional theatre.

Students will be placed in apartments located within a 20-30 minute walk from Gloucester Gate. The apartments include fully furnished kitchens where students can prepare their meals. Students will be housed in double rooms.

Sarah Lawrence College in Oxford

The Sarah Lawrence at Oxford program is open to students from all undergraduate institutions.

At Oxford, you will discover an almost unparalleled system of education: a broad core curriculum complemented by the pursuit of individual interests in tutorial work supervised by an exceptional faculty. In your two tutorials, it is just you and your tutor, one on one, all year long. And then there is the location. Known as the City of Dreaming Spires, Oxford has for hundreds of years been home to royalty and scholars and it will become your home, a city that blends English past and international present, natural beauty and urban energy.

Founded in 1984, the Sarah Lawrence at Oxford program is limited to just 35 students annually. If admitted, you will be considered a Registered Visiting Student, a relatively rare status that gives you the same rights and privileges as matriculated Oxford undergraduates.

Running from late September to late June, the academic year is divided into three eight-week terms. Each term, students take three courses, two tutorials and a core seminar, for a total of 10 credits. Students who successfully complete the entire program will earn 30 credits.

All students are housed in flats located in residential areas of the city of Oxford. You will have your own private room. Together with your flatmates, you will taste the independence of city life while you still are wrapped in the security and accommodation of program sponsored housing.

The social aspects of your Oxford year are as fundamental as your instruction and should not be ignored.

Your introduction to life at the University begins with Freshers Weeks. Held during the 10 day orientation before classes begin you will be exposed to a wide range of clubs and societies open to your membership. Some clubs and societies center on academics while others focus on social awareness and activism, creative expression, cultural activities, sport or pure entertainment.

The University is a study in contrast: alongside historic grandeur, you will also find much room for levity. From comic theatre to Pooh Sticks competitions to pie eating parties, a wry humor and whacky sense of fun abounds.

All students have access to the gym and full use of the rowing facilities in the boathouse and the new gymnasium and weight room. For organized sports, you may compete on teams in football, rugby, hockey, squash, and cricket, among others.

All Sarah Lawrence program students are members of the Oxford Union and a center for student activities such as film nights, themed balls, and guest lectures. Speakers have included the Dalai Lama, Tony Blair, Kofi Annan and Harold Pinter to name a few.

Oxford is a rich commercial center, drawing diverse immigrant cultures to its growing population of 150,000. It is world renowned for its publishing industry, is home to the international development organization Oxfam, and provides the base for many bioscience and high tech businesses.

Meanwhile, 4 million tourists annually visit museums, restaurants, pubs, shops, theatres, bookstores, festivals, and art festivals in Oxford.

So think of Oxford as an ideal situation for an American student: you are part of a beautiful, historic university in an enchanting city of significant urban enterprise, and within easy reach of London.

Sarah Lawrence College in Paris

In this city replete with landmarks of stone and spirit, students on the Sarah Lawrence program in Paris discuss important topics in intensive French language seminars, take courses at some of the world's leading educational institutions, extend the reach of their individual expression in the visual and performing arts, and add new dimensions to their perception of a culture renowned worldwide for its contributions and influence.

As they sit in the midst of bustling Parisian cafes, stroll in contemplation through city parks and museums, and traverse the city's famous boulevards and avenues, students on the Sarah Lawrence program imbibe a spirit of intellectual and creative adventure that energizes their studies and brings their vision of personal achievement to a higher level.

Sarah Lawrence's academic program in Paris places you at the heart of one of the world's most magnificent cities. In this single semester or yearlong program, you can take courses at some of the most prestigious French universities and institutions, enjoy access to intensive study in the visual and performing arts, participate in stimulating seminar discussions, and explore your interests in great depth through individual tutorials with French faculty.

From the program office in Reid Hall, a beautiful 18th century house in the student center of Paris, the city is at your fingertips, awaiting contact with your senses, a seat in your awareness. Stroll through the geometric pathways and the nearby Luxembourg Gardens on a mid-afternoon, or down the boulevard du Montparnasse as clouds rush over rooftops, and you will begin to feel it. Walk along the Seine in the early morning hours, absorbing the many shades of gray as they sharpen into daylight gracing Petit Pont, Pont Neuf, Pont St-Michel. Watch the older generation playing boules or chess in the public parks, the children playing in the sand or sailing small bateaux in shallow ponds. Sit at a Left Bank terrace cafe with the Sunday paper watching the people go by: you will feel it. In such wanderings you will make Paris your own, encountering Parisians as you shop at the produce markets, browse the bookseller's stalls along the quays, pause to listen to a street musician's haunting solo. And as your interests carry you along, from casual conversations to friendships, from an evening, perhaps, at one of the many university-sponsored activities to regular participation in their activities, or from a moderate interest in film to a fascination with French cinema, your involvement in the life of the city will deepen your experience and enhance your studies.

Sarah Lawrence College in Paris offers students exceptional opportunities for exploring the arts, the humanities, and a number of disciplines in the social sciences. Even more unique, the program enables students to concentrate up to a half of their studies in the visual and performing arts. This broad choice and curricular flexibility, combined with the resources of a city known for its cultural vitality, make for an academic experience that is both highly personalized and intellectually rewarding.

Choosing from a variety of living arrangements, experiencing the city and environs onorganized trips and on your own, you'll gain an intimate perspective on the nation's culture as well as sharpened skills in reading, writing and speaking French.

London Theatre Program
The tuition charge for the program is $21,725 per semester. The tuition charge includes all scheduled trips and excursions, special events, tickets, and library fees. Students are responsible for their own travel costs to and from the program. The charge for room is $4,998 per semester.

Sarah Lawrence College in Oxford
The program cost for the year is $39,450 for tuition and $10,064 for room. Students are responsible for the costs of all meals, transportation, and personal expenses.

Sarah Lawrence College in Catania
The tuition charge for the Spring 2009 Sarah Lawrence in Catania program is $21,725. The tuition charge includes all scheduled trips and excursions, special events, tickets, and library fees. Students are responsible for their own travel costs to and from the program. The charge for room and board (breakfast and dinner) is $6,458 per semester.

Sarah Lawrence College in Florence, Italy
The tuition charge for the program is $21,725 per semester. The tuition charge includes all scheduled trips and excursions, special events, tickets, and library fees.Students are responsible for their own travel costs to and from the program.The charge for room and board (breakfast and dinner) is $6,458 per semester.

Sarah Lawrence College in Paris
The tuition charge for the program is $21,725 per semester. The tuition charge includes all scheduled trips and excursions, special events, tickets, and library fees. Students are responsible for their own travel costs to and from the program. Room costs will vary since students are offered a range of housing options.

Sarah Lawrence students who normally receive aid may apply their awards to the programs abroad. Sarah Lawrence financial aid is available to guest students attending Sarah Lawrence in Paris, but guest students should also explore several potential sources of aid:
loans available from local banks, state agencies, or through the Perkins Loan Programs. In most cases,the guest student's home institutions may apply an ongoing financial aid award to a program abroad. Many institutions allow students full access to their current financial aid package. The Office of Financial Aid at your home institution can provide information about grants, loans and procedures for applying.

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